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Facebook Advertising

Why advertise on Facebook?

Simply put, it's the most effective and cost efficient way to gain awareness and reach customers today. With 1.86 billion monthly active users, the social giant has solidified its place on top of the networks and continues to grow. With all of those users, Facebook as amassed a large amount of data on behaviors, interests, and demographics. This data is what makes Facebook Advertising platform so powerful.​

2 million businesses use Facebook for advertising

The number of businesses using Facebook ads is also growing. Seeing the returns on investments and hindsight into the future of advertising, these businesses already have an advantage over their competition. But, it's not too late to get into the Facebook ad game. Chances are, many local businesses have only dabbled with ads and gave up or spent a few dollars. The opportunity is there to make your business stand out. 

4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it

Grow Your Business Faster

Custom Videos + Facebook Ad

Video has rapidly become a necessity for social advertising. The biggest companies in the world have grown their video content and plan to expand even further. We take the same concepts the big companies use and package it together for small businesses. We will create custom videos about your business or promotion and pair it with a targeted Facebook Ad. 

Old Advertising vs Our Way

Billboards, Print, TV
  • Expensive

  • Outdated

  • How many people REALLY see it

  • No active realtime data

  • Call to action (if any) is lost

  • Betting on one piece of content to work

  • When's the last time you paid attention to these?

Visual Content & Facebook Ads
  • Cost efficient AND scalable

  • Audiences are on social media

  • Quantitative data with reach, impressions, and views

  • Detailed demographics using interests and behaviors

  • Call to action can be instantly acted on

  • Test multiple content to see which works best

  • Retarget customers who didn't buy the first time

  • Capture info like emails or phone numbers

  • Modern video production highlights your business and fits social trends

  • Video content can be used on your website, social media, or emailed to current database

  • Data on exact cost for results

Facebook Video Ad Package

Pre-production Planning

Video Shoot


Audience Research

Facebook Campaign Set and  Management

Retargeting Campaign

$200 Facebook Ad Budget Credit


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Reach thousands of potential customers, with numbers to back it up. 

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